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Sri Lanka arrests thousands for violating curfew
The Navy is the military service hit hardest by the coronavirus crisis
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become the first leader of a major country to test positive for the coronavirus as disturbing new outbreaks appeared in the United States and deaths surged in Italy and Spain
The United Nations says 86 staff members around the world have reported cases of COVID-19
California lawmakers are begging people not to pack beaches and hiking trails as a sunny weekend arrives after days of residents being cooped up under stay-at-home orders
The United Nations says the 191 parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty have decided to postpone a conference to review its implementation because of the coronavirus pandemic
A financial rescue bill signed by President Donald Trump worth an unprecedented $2.2 trillion will support businesses, rush resources to overburdened health care providers and help struggling families during the deepening coronavirus epidemic
Troubling new outbreaks have bubbled in the United States and deaths are surging in Italy and Spain as the world warily trudges through the pandemic that has sickened more than a half-million people
The U.S. House has approved a $2.2 trillion rescue package that was immediately signed by President Trump in a shared effort to shore up  a U.S. economy and health care system left flailing by the coronavirus pandemic
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state wants to build four more temporary hospitals in New York City before coronavirus cases peak
Officials say staffers at a nursing home dubbed “ground zero” for West Virginia's growing coronavirus caseload have been treated as pariahs for their close proximity to the infection cluster
Health experts say there's very low risk of catching the coronavirus from handling mail and packages
A judge says she doesn't want a sudden, large-scale release of immigrant children from U.S. government custody but wants to know why they're still being held as the coronavirus spreads
People without symptoms could have the virus.
The coronavirus raced around the world in only a couple of months
There's no consensus in the U.S. on whether gun shops are considered essential businesses that can remain open during stay-at-home orders meant to slow the coronavirus
The federal Bureau of Prisons is struggling to manage the growing coronavirus pandemic as advocates and even prison guards call for major reforms to head off a potential outbreak behind bars
Doctors and nurses in Italy's overwhelmed northern hospitals are cautiously optimistic about a slight stabilizing of coronavirus infections this week, but the virus is spreading south 18 days into an extreme nationwide shutdown
Some political leaders are hailing a potential breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: simple pin-prick blood tests or nasal swabs that can determine within minutes if someone has, or previously had, the virus
As the coronavirus spreads, the World Health Organization has pointed out that the future of the pandemic will be determined by what happens in some of the world’s poorest and most densely populated countries
Vietnam's government is ordering all non-essential businesses to close for at least two weeks in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus
As an emergency medicine physician in New York City, Dr. Kamini Doobay has always known that death is part of the territory
Singapore has begun penalizing people who refuse to adhere to social distancing in the latest bid to curb the virus
President Donald Trump's desire to reopen the coronavirus-battered economy in a matter of weeks has thrust the administration into the delicate position of weighing the revival of commerce versus the value of American life
Police departments across the U.S. are taking a lead role in enforcing social distancing rules that health officials say are critical to containing COVID-19